August is Membership Month in Rotary. It's the time of year, early on in the Rotary year, when we focus on how we are going to grow our amazing organization. What can we possibly say to convince someone to give their valuable time in a world where time is so scarce?
One thing we can tell you in Baldwinsville is that this is an exciting time to join a service organization. So much new stuff is going on as we meld our traditions with the modern world! So what's new?

Rotary Clubs no longer have strict attention policies (if any at all), we offer multiple meetings each week for you to choose from, members can more easily choose their level of involvement and these varied options also impact the cost of participation. Volunteering can fit into your lifestyle easier now than ever!
Over the years, our club has worked hard to put in place processes and systems that help new members get involved, familiarized with our organization and just to feel welcomed in general. All new members have a mentor to make them more comfortable joining meetings, introduce them to other club members, help new members find the projects they would be most interested in being a part of and just easing the transition for anyone new to the group. Leadership in our club is a mix of experienced members and newer ones so we are sharing knowledge and club history. We put together great fundraisers and events to serve our community that you can jump right in and help with!
Currently, our club is working on brainstorming sessions to generate new and out-of-the-box ideas for how Rotary can be better. This kind of open-mindedness is happening at every level of Rotary as we strive to find efficiencies in running clubs and more effective ways to improve the world around us. New members are encouraged to bring new ideas to their clubs!
If you've thought about getting involved by volunteering in your community to help others, we hope you will consider Rotary. You can set aside any and all preconceived notions or old things that made have made Rotary seem old-fashioned because we are embracing so many new approaches to putting Service Above Self that you might not recognize us right away!