July 1 is when Rotary opens up a brand new calendar for the year. That means this blog writer is no longer club president and you might get a little more writing out of me! This new Rotary year brings with it many new things - a new focus, new leaders and new ideas - but one thing we cannot get rid of is the sense of uncertainty that's weighed on us all since our worlds were shut down last March. When things feel out of our control, it's best to focus on what we can control. At least that's what we learned from the many positive thinking and mental health experts that have spoken at our meetings over the past few months! We have and will continue to do just that in Rotary, with focus and energy and joy.
While everyone has been in different places throughout this crisis, many have found ways to serve. Our club is here to find and coordinate opportunities for our members, with a variety of tasks for different abilities. We've written cards and letters from home, participated in virtual fundraisers and honored our youth from our living rooms. We've also worked in small groups, with masks and social distancing, to pack food for our Backpack Program. Opportunities like these have always been what we do and will of course continue in the new Rotary year!
A pandemic didn't keep us from getting "together." We have been conducting two meetings (or more!) each week on Zoom for three months. Now that groups of up to 50 are permitted, we will begin exploring some in-person events, keeping in mind that not everyone will be comfortable with that and always working to keep meetings accessible. The best way to plan on attending is to contact us at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com with the date of the meeting you wish to attend and we'll provide more details on your options, including the link to the Zoom meeting. Please be patient as our meetings evolve and we try to be flexible for our members!
No matter what is happening in the world, Rotary's values hold true. We want to be honest, fair, building goodwill and better friendships, and considering all concerned. When you attend a meeting, you will find friendly, smiling people who genuinely want to welcome and get to know you. We ask our members to take that kindness everywhere in their lives as well!
If you are looking to help others, meet others or share in kindness, Rotary is where it's at!
Start by following us on Facebook, then check out our Meetings tab to choose an upcoming meeting to attend, and then reach out to us to get the meeting link and attend!