March is Rotary International's Clean Water & Sanitation Month.
With millions of people lacking access to safe water and sanitation, this is a big focus for Rotary. Water and sanitation are at the root of many problems.
When families have to travel miles every day just to get clean water, the task usually falls on the women in the family. For young women, that means missing school to provide for their family.
A lack of clean water or the proper removal of waste leads to the spread of disease.
When schools cannot provide private sanitation, young girls also have to miss a significant amount of school once they reach puberty.
Would you be able to focus on work if you had nothing to drink or no where to go to the bathroom?
Would your children be as successful in school under those same conditions?
It is KEY to improving lives that we start with these basics.
Rotary's goal is provide everyone with access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by the year 2030. Click here to read more about how Rotary has had tremendous success with their approach to tackling this issue.

Seneca River Day
In the Baldwinsville Rotary Club, we celebrate the beautiful waterway that travels through our village with a family festival each June - Seneca River Day. In it's 23rd year this year, we have already started work to plan our event. Fireworks are being ordered, musical acts being booked, vendors are signing up to sell their wares and Rotarians are signing up to pitch in for our biggest day of the year! Most importantly though, we are seeking sponsors. Would you or your business be willing to support our event? We are looking for corporate sponsors to help fund the fun and entertainment and keep it free for families to attend Seneca River Day. We also need awesome prizes for The Great Seneca River Duck Race!
Click here to download a sponsorship flyer and learn more about all the recognition that comes with supporting our event.
Click here to learn more about being a vendor at our event too.