Is the idea of volunteering scary to you? There are many reasons people might be afraid to join Rotary, but fear not! We are friendly and here to help. Let us help de-mystify some things for you.
It's nice that we are always inviting people to visit us at a meeting, but it can be intimidating to show up to a room full of strangers. We get that!
If you are interested in visiting us, just reach out in advance. Email us at to let us know you want to come and we are happy to facilitate. We will even pick you up from your home or office if you want to carpool.
Volunteering can seem daunting because, let's face it, no one has a lot of free time anymore. "Free time" has become an oxymoron! Well that's the great thing about Rotary and our club in general. We have so many activities going on all the time that you will have a big selection of ways to volunteer - working with kids, serving seniors, helping run club business, feeding the hungry, selling duck tickets - the list goes on and on. Pick one, two or ten ways to volunteer. Whatever works for you! 
Some might be afraid that Rotary is expensive, so let's clarify the costs for you. There are annual dues that help cover the cost of club functions, district functions and Rotary International administration. These are paid each July and can be split into bi-annual installments, with a total of $135 per year (this is different for each club). 
Each week our club hosts two meetings, so you can choose to attend on a Tuesday night for just $1 or have lunch on Wednesday for $12. 
At each club meeting we have a raffle and do happy dollars or fines - all of which are optional and just for fun!
Members are encouraged to consider the Rotary International Foundation for their annual charitable giving. As we are doing the good works of Rotary in our community, supporting our foundation on an international level supports our work around the world. And our foundation has a perfect rating on Charity Navigator, so you know you will get the most bang for your buck! But just like the happy dollars, this is not a requirement. Hopefully you would be inspired to give when you learn more about what we do.
Finally, there are dinners, conferences and events you can opt into attending that can range from $15 per person for a meal to a trip across the globe for an International Convention.
So you could join our club and attend every Tuesday, with a happy dollar at each meeting, for less than $20 per month!
Finally, there is nothing secretive about Rotary. No secret handshakes or hidden agendas - we promise! Our members strive to live by the Four Way Test, which encourages honesty and kindness in every aspect of life, and live to serve those around us. It's a very positive environment to be in that brings joy to members of all ages, from all backgrounds and of all spiritualties.
Hopefully the idea of volunteering in your community will seem a little less scary now!
If you have any questions you can always reach out to us on Facebook or via email any time. Look forward to meeting you soon!