This November is a particularly contentious one with our country’s upcoming election, so it’s a wonderful thing that we don’t do politics in Rotary! We do, however, have a great choice for you to consider that is honest, trustworthy and has an amazing track record to boot.

Rotary was started in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois by our founder Paul Harris. He banded together with fellow business professionals, rotating whose office they met in, working to improve their city. From those humble beginnings, we have grown to over 1.3 million members worldwide, and have raised billions of dollars to improve living conditions, health resources and access to education for millions of people. 
Rotary International Giving Outline from 2014/15 for District and Global Grants

Our foundation, the Rotary International Foundation (RIF), was given a perfect rating on Charity Navigator this fall. The way we handle the funds raised by our members and donated from the public is smart, and we keep our costs for fundraising and administration minimal since so many of us our volunteers. It’s a cause that is easy to get behind when you can trust that so much of what is given will get to people in need!
On top of all that we do to help others, Rotary also focuses on the individual and that makes membership very rewarding. Rotarians place a strong value on leading an ethical life of honesty, building goodwill and promoting understanding. Honesty and strong values in life and in business can sometimes seem hard to find, but not for a Rotarian. We are part of a network of people who live and work following The Four Way Test.
The Rotary Four Way Test

With a focus on having a diverse group of professionals in each club, you can count on connecting with businesses you know you can trust. But it’s not just networking. It’s forming genuine friendships with each other so when you need something, you know who to call and you authentically offer up your expertise in return.

Our group also focuses on sharing knowledge and cultures to promote good will and peace through understanding that at our core, we are all people. No matter where we are from, what religion we practice, what job we do – we are people. We connect with cultures through our Youth Exchange program and with each other through larger Rotary functions like conferences on district, zone and international levels. Our network of friendships spans the globe! As a Rotarian you can connect with other Rotarians while traveling, visit other club meetings when you are out of town and so much more! 
Whether it’s working on a project to help others, putting together a fundraiser so your club can do more or just sharing in each other’s company for fun, you are with like-minded people in a positive environment. 

What would make you choose Rotary?