Are Volunteer Groups Doing Okay?
You may have heard that volunteer organization like Rotary are fading. Articles pop up in local papers about volunteer groups disbanding, desperate for new members, with bleak futures. While membership in the United States overall is in decline, growth in the number of Rotarians around the world keeps our membership strong. We have 1.2 million members in over 34,000 clubs across the globe. Despite membership challenges in the US, there are signs of growth in our district (which encompasses CNY and the Mohawk Valley) and the Baldwinsville Rotary Club has been growing every year for several years now. When I joined 9 years ago we had 35 members and today we have almost doubled our membership. Thanks to this growth we have added programs like our Backpack Project to provide food for children at risk of hunger on the weekends (done in partnership with the Kiwanis Club and St. Mark's Lutheran Church), we have partnered with the local chamber to provide workers for the annual B'ville Big Chill and we've continued with traditions like Seneca River Days and our annual senior citizen luncheon. There is always something to do in our club!
Why Baldwinsville Rotary?
We have volunteered hard over the years to be one of the most organized clubs in the district, implementing a new member orientation program to help acclimate new members to all the ways they can volunteer, keeping our bylaws up to date so the club is modern and flexible, and always trying to keep an open mind about the projects and programs we work on throughout the year. We also place a high value on the social nature of our club and consider it a big benefit to being a member. You get the opportunity to develop real friendships thanks to regular social events, organized by the fun committee. We are always improving and working to do more, but we think we've got a great balance between volunteering and fun that makes being a member of our club truly worthwhile!
Not A Local?
There are many other clubs in Central New York that are doing the same and have so much to offer. Whether it's mentoring kids, flipping pancakes at a fundraiser, running a fishing derby or working with local veterans, there's a club that is already doing what you would enjoy, or there's a club ready and willing to take on something new! If Baldwinsville isn't close enough to home or work for you, click here to find another club that fits your schedule and location. If our club sounds like a great opportunity for you to get more involved in our beautiful, riverside community, download a membership application or just plan to visit us at an upcoming meeting (see schedule to the right)!
Feel free to contact us at and let us facilitate your first visit so we can welcome you and make you feel at ease while meeting everyone!