I am resurrecting last year's February blog post to re-share this year because it is just so darn good. I couldn't say it any better than I already did, so consider this a throw-back blog!
February is a short month that packs a punch. It's when the groundhog pays us a visit, we celebrate Presidents and football, we start to get REALLY fed up with winter (at least here in CNY, anyway) and we show some love to our valentine. We get valentine's from our spouse or partner, our kids and grandkids, coworkers and students, and they all make us feel loved. 
I make cheesy connections between life and Rotary in this blog quite often, but I'm getting close to jumping the shark on this one. Try to see through the cheese and just believe me when I say that Rotary, when done right, will give you the same warm fuzzies (and maybe even better ones!). 
Experiences you can have in Rotary will touch your heart in ways you never thought imaginable. Unless you are a doctor, you've probably never had a child thank you for their live-saving vaccine. Rotarians have. Unless you've visited a third world country, you've probably never had someone thank you for providing them with access to clean water for the first time in their lives. Rotarians have. Unless you have a family foundation, you've probably never had a local high school student thank you for making their education more affordable and attainable. Rotarians have. 
Whether it's serving our senior citizens, veterans and youth locally, or improving the lives of those in need around the world, Rotary provides opportunities to be inspired, moved, humbled and joyed. From seemingly simple donations like a book, to seemingly monumental challenges like eradicating a disease, Rotary gives you the power to do it all! And no matter how selfless you are while doing it, you will reap the benefits of feeling good, feeling loved and feeling blessed to have the opportunity to give back.
And of course you could find actual love in Rotary through new friendships that you'll build while working side by side to serve others!
So if you want to feel loved year-round, have your heart warmed and overjoyed at the sight of someone else's joy, come to Rotary. 
Check our schedule (to the right) and choose a meeting, or reach out to us at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com to connect in advance.
See you soon, Valentine!