March is an unpredictable month. We never know what the weather will be. Even the "in like a lion and out like a lamb" thing is pretty vague. One thing we can count on is an opportunity to be Irish, whether it's really our heritage or not, and we hope to reap the benefits of their luck. Let's be real though. When it comes to luck, we have to make our own!
In a decade of volunteering through Rotary, I've found that the best way to get good things is to give good things. Put the positivity out into the universe and it comes back to you. A boomerang of goodness! Not sure what you can do or how you could get started? 
In Rotary, kindness abounds! We are kind to one another, we do kind things for others and we talk about the power of kindness. We do small acts of kindness, like buying someone a cup of coffee or making sure to make our charity of choice when we attend meetings (see below). We do big things like pay for a corn mill for a village in Zimbabwe, raise money to help eradicate polio, provide food each Friday to local elementary students at risk of hunger and pay the airfare for two veterans to go on an Honor Flight trip. Imagine all the karma we are banking, how many boomerangs of kindness we send out and how much luck we are making for ourselves!
We can make creating luck easy because you can jump into an existing project or program our club already does. You can also bring us ideas on new ways to make a difference.
The first step to making your good luck is to visit us at a meeting. This month we welcome several organizations that you might be interested in learning more about and are looking forward to learning more about the Syracuse Chiefs Mets when their general manager visits. Just pop by and introduce yourself or, if you aren't comfortable with that, email us at and ask for someone to greet you!
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Charity of Choice is a program for our members only. Each time a member attends a meeting, they submit a slip indicating a charity that they support. At the end of the month we draw a winner and their charity gets a $100 donation in their honor. Since implementing in December 2018, we have given $200 to Meals on Wheels and $100 to Female Charitable. This was an idea we "borrowed" from another club and is a great way to connect the club with causes our members care about. Another great reason to join our club!